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Use of Diet Cold Drinks Cause Death – Sensational Disclosure

There have been sensational revelations about the use of “Diet Cold Drinks” that people thinks are sugarless but it is the cause of death. Many people use diet cold drinks instead of cold drinks, and they realize that the amount of sugar in diet drinks is not equal. That is why these people use diet drinks more than a glass and think it will not hurt them.

There was a recent study that concluded that people who consume 2 glasses of diet drinks a day are more likely to die prematurely. More than 450,000 people were studied in this study. The study, which came from 10 countries in Europe, found that over the next two decades, daily consumption of diet drinks would be more than 26 percent higher.

Researchers also say that the use of soft drinks gives rise to deadly diseases, including diseases related to blood and digestive tract. Hepatitis, paralysis and arteries in people who drink two or more glasses of soft drinks. Other deadly diseases have a 52% chance of occurring. Dr Neil Murphy co-author of the study says the research shows that we need to reduce people’s use of soft drinks depending on their health. Dr Neil Murphy added that soft drinks can lead to heart disease, tumors, and diabetes type 2. They said that the number of deaths due to soft drinks in 2010 was about 184,000.

Dr Neil Murphy of the French International Agency for Research on Cancer has instructed that people drinking cold drinks should use more water instead. Researchers say that using both cold drinks or soft drinks is heartbreaking. And causes diseases such as blood pressure and these are the diseases with the highest mortality rates worldwide.

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