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How Do Women Protect From Cyber Crime??

Now is the age of technology and almost everything has been integrated into mobile, laptop and internet.

While all these changes are being used positively but some people are using it negatively and criminally to make others’ lives impractical. The most victims of this are women. Where cyberspace is beneficial to them is also risky. People try to make women controversial not just on social media but also in ordinary life. Many women bravely face this situation but there have also been instances where personal information leads to suicide by being afraid of being exposed.

 So help the women in your circle who are subjected to cybercrime immediately. In a variety of ways women can protect themselves. Their data, photos and videos can be protected by adopting some measures while using social media and their public life.

Do not take unnecessary photos of the bathroom bedroom or your private time. Do not publicize private event photos or tag them all in the album because if any of the friends’ tag settings are public the photos will start to be visible to all Facebook users.

When uploading a DP write your name on it so that it cannot be used by others. Women’s photos are stolen from photographers. Keep your photos only on Friends’ privacy settings. But keep in mind for Twitter that this feature is not available on twitter so photos and videos are all public.

If someone asks you for inappropriate photos or videos understand that they are not serious with you. If a man respects a woman, he will not demand it. If such content exists it is important to know that data can be retrieved despite being deleted. Do not chat inappropriately on the webcam. Don’t sync your photos with Google Photos and iClouds but rather store them in a password lock drive or laptop.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself and the privacy of others. Lock your phone in three ways. Save digits with passwords, thumb biometric and face recognition passwords so no one can get your private data. If you are getting a new phone remove the SIM and memory card from the old phone and give it to your younger sibling or children instead of selling your old phone. Do this before setting the phone to factory settings. Repeat this process two to three times.

If you want to sell a phone delete your data take the phone to factory settings and log out of your Google Account or iCloud. Download videos again in it etc. When the memory is full, play it then delete and take the phone back to factory setting. Repeat this process. It is likely that your data will be protected. However do not sell women phones and break them down is much batter and safe.

If you lose your phone with the Find My Device option you can delete all data, notify the police and they can find the phone with the IMEI number. Change the password for all your accounts carefully.

When creating an email account on Gmail attach it to the phone. If someone tries to open your account from somewhere the code will come up on your phone. Don’t tell that code to anyone and tell Gmail it’s not you. Likewise connect your phone number with Facebook and Twitter. Write down all your passwords, e-mails, their associated phones and alternate e-mails in one place but this may not be in the knowledge of any person as sometimes even a person can forget their email and password.

Remember that webcams, phones, laptops, social media accounts and WhatsApp can be hacked. So do not give your used phone and laptop to anyone. Make your e-banking secure too. Change the password and login bank that you generate later. Don’t tell anyone your password or email. Change your password every few months and keep an eye on your e-banking. Notify the bank if there is a significant drop in money.

Don’t give your ATM to anyone If you ever suspect that your card has run out of money call the bank to suspend the card for a while and change the password. It is better if you change the ATM PIN every six months too. If the shopkeeper repeatedly charges your card while shopping, call the bank and ask if the double amount is not charged. Always demand a bill from the shopkeeper. Get a service from the bank that whenever your account costs or receives money SMS will be sent to your phone.

Avoid unnecessary friendships and inbox chat with people on social media. Some people are very sympathetic to seeing women first, then take screenshots of the chat and call or ask for money in which case take immediate help from family and police. Cut off your internet connection when your laptop, tab and phone are not in use. Never leave your webcam open. Avoid sharing with Check-In, G-Tags and Live Location Public. Don’t post pictures of expensive purchases on social media. Don’t discuss private issues with social media friends and never meet them alone.

Install antivirus on every device and never visit an improper web. There are some messages that click on the link Your inappropriate images are here or you will get free gifts. Never click on these links These are spam, spyware and viruses. These accounts may be hacked, deactivate your account if something ever goes wrong, log out and log in shortly or shut down the Internet. If anyone you know is abusive to you or inboxes / DMs abusive messages, block them by reporting them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do not discuss with unnecessary people in groups.

Also be careful online shopping only the pages of the big brands are relatively safe. It’s best to pay by cash online delivery at the time of purchase, don’t use unnecessary credit cards online. Not all stores on Instagram and Facebook are trusted must check reviews before purchasing. Don’t shop at an online store that calls for money before you go. In-house printers, scanners only turn on when used. Enter password on home Wi-Fi. Never open your email, facebook and e-banking in Net Cafe, any other laptop or office.

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    Great advice, a lot of people are still stuck in the 2010’s methods of SEO/Marketing. This article is definitely up to date on which methods are working best right now. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  2. It all comes down to proving value for the reader. Blog commenting absolutely isn’t dead. Even from an SEO standpoint, traffic is now a HUGE ranking factor in Google.
    Like other’s have said here, blog commenting still works – just not in the way that people think. Blog comments don’t give a site power typically, they give it relevance to a topic. Power will have to be built with other strategies like guest blogging.

  3. Blog commenting is dead? Forget that, blog commenting is arguably one of the best way to get quality, relevant links! It’s still a go-to in my toolbox and I believe it always will be since I still rank very well on sites of mine. Thanks Al-Amin for the post.
    Earlier I am confused in blog commenting but after reading this post i can understand blog commenting. And now I know the value of blog commenting.Thanks for sharing this article.

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