Hania Aamir told fans how to be happy

KARACHI: Hania Aamir, the leading actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, has witnessed 23 springs of life.

According to details, the celebrated Pakistani actress Hania Aamir celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday yesterday's photos went viral on social media. The actress posted a message on her social media website Instagram about her birthday saying that she was 23 years old, how fast time is passing.

The well-known actress said, "I have always felt that I have grown up much faster than people my age, but I know that your experiences make you yours. "Hard times make you stronger than ever," he said.

Hania Aamir in her message emphasized that this year I have decided to remove everyone from my life who made me feel inferior. He advised fans to keep people around you who are always happy for you and stay with you. The beautiful actress thanked singer Asim Azhar and producer Omar Mukta.

Asim Azhar, a singer, chose a theme park in Karachi to commemorate Hania's birthday and arranged a birthday party. There and invited fellow actors.

Here the Photos:

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