Motorola Foldable Razor Mobile Ready to Blow

The famous Folder Reese phone of Motorola will be remembered till now. Now the same fold-able smartphone is being offered for sale next month, but some analysts say it may cost too much. At the beginning of the year, Motorola had also indicated in a statement that it would redesign the popular closed and open Razr Phone. The Motorola Razr was released in 2000 and has been used by the public for many years.

Now a teaser of the classic Razr V3 has also been released which can be seen animation. But you can’t match it to the Samsung Galaxy Fold-able phone because the two are so different. But Motorola only used the tagline of the “Fold-able Razr”. Fans on YouTube have expressed happiness over the news.

Smartphone fans are waiting for the 13th November event to showcase this phone. The rumor however is that only one version is being released with the price at $ 1,500. It is being presented in white, black and gold, and from the pictures so far it looks like it will be a flip phone but it will include smartphone features. But given its patent design, it can be said that the folding option is a bit more complicated.

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