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Benefits Of Owning A Pet

It’s not a secret that having pet/pets is very good and can be a really enriching experience for us, which can give us lots of joy while also teaching us responsibility.

And it doesn’t take a super-complicated scientific equation to explain as well because the simple thought of caring for an animal and giving them love is a tried-and-tested formula for happiness. Need any proof? Well then, just look at the content yet gleeful faces of dog owners while they’re playing with their dogs, or the silent purrs of a cat against a sleeping child’s baby (yes dog owners, even cats can give joy too). It’s a two-way street of wonderfulness: We give pets love, they give it back, and everyone is just a tinier bit better for it.

But if you’re the type to still need an explanation, then we’re glad to report that even science agrees.

“I have a list of 10 health benefits [that] studies have shown pet owners have. Higher survival rates, fewer heart attacks, less loneliness, better blood pressure, better psychological well-being, lower rates of depression and stress levels, fewer doctor visits, increased self esteem, better sleep and more physical activity are just some of the recorded benefits of pet ownership,” Harold Herzog, psychologist and a pet-loving professor at Western Carolina University who has long studied the connection between animals and humans, said.

Here are some of the benefits pets can give us:

Dogs and Cardiovascular Health

Per numerous studies, dog owners are more likely to avoid heart disease compared to others who don’t own them. Not only that, but dog owners are also more likely to recover from a cardiovascular problem.

Anxiety and Mood

Naturally enough, some people get some type of emotional support from their pets, which can help them power through mood swings and anxiety attacks. “Studies have shown repeatedly that people’s good mood increases and bad mood decreases around pets,” Herzog said.


Numerous studies have also shown that pets can help kids with autism and ADHD in their behavioral, sharing, cooperation and volunteering problems. And while findings are still limited, more and more research is booming.

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